Top 5 NFT Games


If you're looking for a fun, addictive NFT game, consider Axie Infinity. It's one of the most popular NFT games with 2.8 million daily players. This popular game lets players earn AXS tokens, which can be used to govern the platform. Players can also obtain axies, which are digital pets that leave a genetic imprint on their descendants. Each Axie has its own characteristics and weaknesses, and they can be traded for AXS tokens on Ethereum NFT marketplaces.

Alien Worlds

The Alien Worlds nft game has an ecosystem consists of multiple kinds of digital collectibles. Each of these NFTs has a different quality, and the player can improve their luster and value by staking or mining them. There are six different levels of NFT rarity, and the players can increase their luster to earn higher value tokens. However, the player cannot shine up Land NFTs.

The developers of Alien Worlds are promising to add more features, including a cryptocurrency. The game uses the TLM crypto currency, and the developers plan on incorporating this into its future plans. It is one of the oldest NFT-based games, and it can benefit from the hype around the NFT cryptocurrency. But investors should be aware of the risks associated with trading NFTs. While they can make a big profit by mining NFTs, the cryptocurrency can also lead to hyperinflation and Uberbewertung. Because of this, investors should carefully consider all aspects of the game before making any investments.

Momo Farmer

MOBOX NFT Farmer is an online platform that allows you to play multiple games and earn the same NFTs. The NFTs are also reusable, which opens the door to many other play-to-earn games. In this article, we'll discuss the different ways to earn the NFTs. In addition, we'll look at the different features available to players, and how to use MOBOX as an earning platform.

MOMO NFTs are a type of NFT, and they exist on the Binance Smart Chain. They have randomly generated hash power, and this has an impact on how many MBOX tokens you earn through yield farming. MOMOs are broken down into qualities, each of which has unique attributes that allow them to enhance the chances of receiving native MOBOX and MBOX tokens.

Undead Blocks

If you are looking for a new FPS, you might want to try Undead Blocks. This AAA destroy-to-generate game is a zombie shooter with in-game goods and weapons that you can use to slay zombies. The game includes daily challenges and missions that you can participate in for the chance to earn Gold ZBUX tokens. While this game is currently in beta, it is still available for free on PC.

Until the game is released, you'll be able to purchase items like weapon skins and character skins for the game. Undead Blocks will prioritize weapon and character skins as status symbols. You can buy these items with Gold ZBUX, which has no effect on the weapon's abilities. They are a high-margin lever, and will allow Undead Blocks to bring in liquidity from outside the game's ecosystem. As an early adopter, you'll get to earn money by participating in the game's tournaments.


Those who love science fiction should look no further than CryptoMines, a sci-fi play-to-earn NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain. The game requires players to mine ETERNAL on various planets to earn money. To mine ETERNAL, players must hire workers to perform different tasks. The rarer the spaceship, the more workers you can hire. Minting workers is essential for mining, and they are assigned a random mining power.

To start mining, players must first create a Binance or MetaMask account and some spare cash. Fortunately, the game is browser-based, making it easy to play on any device. In addition to a Binance account, users can join the official Discord server for help and support. Once they have set up their Mint, they can hire Mint Workers and buy Ships. Purchasing ships directly from the market is also an option.


The game Dogami is a new addition to the NFT gaming series. This new pet simulation game combines the AR experience of Pokémon Go with the Nintendogs gameplay. It will be available to purchase in the NFT store for around 50 XTZ. As of now, the game will have a small waiting time before launching, but it is expected to arrive in Q2 2022. In the meantime, you can start collecting Dogami by spending as little as 50 XTZ.

You can customize your Dogami through four different activities: play, earn money and socialise. While the game is still very new, players can look forward to several new additions to the game in the future. The dog socialisation component is very important, and players can socialise their dogs and earn money by selling them. It is worth noting that DOGAMI dogs sell out within minutes. So, it is important to join a whitelist to secure a dog, and then wait for an Alpha drop.



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