The Best Free To Play Trading Card Games


In the nft trading card game, you collect cards that have different abilities and value. You can sell your cards or trade them on the market. To start playing, new players will receive three free packs of cards. Once they have collected enough cards to create a strong deck, they can sell them or trade them on the market. This game is easy to learn and beginners can start playing within a few minutes. Besides, players can easily create accounts and get started playing the game.

Dark Country

In the new free-to-play NFT trading card game Dark Country, you can build a hero powered board and fight other players. As you progress through the game, you can craft your own cards, join a guild, or go on adventures. If you choose to embark on an adventure, you can either send your hero alone or with other players, and earn in-game currencies and fees. Additionally, you can borrow cards from other players and farm NFTs.

Creating an expedition in Dark Country allows you to use different cards from your deck, which you can earn by winning matches. By paying Shadow Dimes, you can open a portal in the center of the map. There are 25 levels to the Expedition, each one more challenging than the last. You can also reward your players with game resources or Shadow Dimes. The game also has upcoming features, including Land leasing and Card leasing.

Spells of Genesis

With its blockchain-based mobile game, Spells of Genesis combines strategic card gaming with the influence of old school arcade games. EverdreamSoft is bringing the same gameplay and quality to other digital games, including its popular nft trading card game. This is the first game to incorporate blockchain technology. It rewards players for progressing through a campaign by giving them gold. The game's blockchain-based mechanics will enable players to transfer their cards from one blockchain to another.

The first Spells of Genesis drop has gone live! As an additional incentive, the game's developers are teaming up with FoldingCoin to give back to the FoldingCoin community. FoldingCoin rewards computer computational power, and the game's developers are hoping to leverage this technology to aid medical research and help with studies on diseases like cancer. Folders can receive 100,000 BitCrystals in exchange for their contributions, and they can get 300 special "folding" trading cards.

Cross The Ages

If you've been interested in the saga of the Cross The Ages, you'll have no problem getting into the Cross The Ages trading card game. Developed by Nexon, the game is a turn-based trading card game with digital cards. In order to win these duels, you'll need to arm yourself with courage and ingenuity. You'll have to restock your decks with cards that can help you win PvP battles.

The first collection of the Cross The Ages trading card game is the Arkhante Collection. These premium booster packs grant early access to the game and differ in the cards they contain. These packs also contain valuable mythical cards and a secret NFT. The Arkhante Collection is a separate purchase from the legacy contract and replaces it. You can purchase as many as six Arkhante Collection packs for as little as $10.


If you love fantasy games, you will definitely love Berserk in the NFT trading card game. This fantasy collectible card game uses Vulcanites from the VulcanVerse as its main characters. The game is free and available for Android, iOS, and browsers. You can play the game with friends on Facebook and compete for prizes, like double XPs, triple LAVA, and NFT Berserk cards. Berserk has a rich selection of cards, and you will be able to buy them on the native marketplace. You will find 20 Berserk cards, ranging from common to epic. Each Berserk card has a total market value of $10,000, so you should definitely try it out.

Unlike other games, you can also find Berserk online. The game supports PvP and PvE matches, and allows you to create your own custom rooms. There is also a multiplayer mode, so you can play with other players online in friendly duels or scrims. The game also supports custom rooms. Players can also use discord servers to chat with other Berserk players. The Vulcan community is also worth joining if you want to meet fellow Berserkers and share your expertise.



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