What Are the Best Cards in the NFT Card Game?


The NFT card game is a hybrid of trading cards and arcade games. In the game, you can create the best deck by combining your cards. You can also battle enemies and explore a fantasy world called Askian. So, what are the best cards in the NFT card game? Read on to learn more about the cards and how they work. Also, don't forget to try the new game called Gods Unchained!


Sorare in the NFT card game is a game that allows players to collect Sorare by owning the corresponding NFTs. These are assets in the game that players can use to add cards to their line-up, participate in competitions, and sell. They never expire. Users can also use Sorare to buy other NFTs. This is a game that's not only fun to play, but is also a great way to build your collection.

The Sorare currency is an ERC-20 token that is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. Players can use the SOR token to purchase Sorare NFTs and stake them for passive income. Sorare users can buy new collectible cards by trading Sorare NFTs for their SOR tokens. Players can also earn points by performing 40 different actions. Players can earn points based on these actions to help them boost their teams' overall performance.

Gods Unchained

In Gods Unchained, players earn points for battling with other players in epic fantasy battles. Each player is assigned 30 cards, which correspond to one of six Gods. Then, players use the abilities of each card to fight their opponents. Each player has 30 health points. The goal is to defeat the other player before they are destroyed themselves. They can also convert their game cards into NFT cards and sell them on the marketplace. This marketplace uses Immutable X technology and is available to players worldwide.

The game offers a free-to-play model whereby players can download and install the launcher. Once installed, the game prompts players to complete a tutorial. This tutorial will teach them the basic concepts of the game. In addition, they can enter weekly tournaments and play-to-earn games. They can also earn a reward for winning a challenge. Those who are skilled in playing this card game will likely win these competitions.

Immutable X

You've probably heard about Immutable X, the next-generation blockchain-based card game. This decentralized platform already has some impressive capabilities in the P2E space, and is poised to expand into other realms as well. In addition to developing its own NFT games, the company is also preparing to publish the upcoming mobile action game Guild of Guardians. With a current headcount of 165, Immutable has plans to add 200 new team members over the next 12 months. The company also recently hired new executive members, including former Riot Games' Chief Studio Officer Justin Hulog and founder of the Immutable platform, Robbie Ferguson.

While Immutable X is still a relatively new blockchain-based trading card game, it already has several NFT collections available for players to purchase. Guild of Guardians NFTs are tied to an upcoming mobile game, due out in 2022. Gods Unchained NFTs are tied to an upcoming game that will also be available in Immutable X. And, of course, Immutable X's own native trading card game will have its own trading platform.

Cross The Ages

The new Cross The Ages NFT card game uses a unique digital-to-physical conversion method. Players can use NFTs as twin digital identifiers for their physical assets. Its universe is based on the popular science fiction and fantasy book series of the same name. The game's creators aim to merge the two worlds and create an ecosystem where users can collect, trade and sell cards.

In order to facilitate the exchange of physical cards, the developers have partnered with Cardmarket, the largest marketplace for bodily playing cards. NFC will protect against counterfeiting and guarantee the authenticity of an asset, enabling transparent traceability of its origin. Additionally, Cross The Ages will support the trading of digital playing cards on marketplaces like OpenSea and the interior market. In addition to that, players can enjoy limited gasoline expenses when trading physical cards.


If you enjoy collecting cards, you will definitely love Berserk in the NFT card game. This collectible card game is based on RPG characters and the Vulcan universe. The game features a PvP and PvE game mode, as well as a custom deck option, if you so desire. Currently, there are two types of Berserk cards available, which you can learn more about here.

If you are new to the NFT card game, you may be wondering how to get the best cards for your account. There are four ways to get your hands on Berserk cards. While you can start with a free starting pack, you can also unlock new cards by playing in PvP matches and completing challenges. Afterward, you can earn Raffle Tickets by playing in tournaments or seasons and by foraging in the VulcanVerse for Lava.



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