How to Create Attractive Infographic Submissions

 Info graphic submission stands for you're submitting your infographics to different sites so as to obtain targeted traffic and audiences for your site. With step by step tutorial on How To Do Infographic Submission on the web, you too can easily understand the whole procedure and can easily market it on the web. If your infograph deserves to be on a lot of web directories, the best way to go is by submitting your content to the directory with a link back to your website. However, in this quest, you need to be very careful about the guidelines of the directory you choose.

For those who are unaware of what Infographic Submission is, here is a brief gist of the process. When you have created an infographic, then place a link of it on different sites where it can be found out by people. The more places you'll be able to submit your content, the more viewers or targeted visitors will be made aware of your website. You can also use social networking websites as one of the places where you can submit your works. These social networking websites include MySpace, twitter, Face book, StumbleUpon, etc.

Nowadays, many SEO companies have started offering infographic submission service to promote their business on the web. In case if you are not aware of how to create an Infograph and what is SEO, here is a quick insight: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process by which you try to make your website search engine friendly by using proper keywords. An example of a successful SEO strategy is new articles, where the main keyword or key phrases are used liberally in the article body text. Once done, it has the effect of increasing the rankings of that particular keyword or key phrase.

Most popular Infographic Submission web 2.0 websites are Facebook and Twitter. These websites work well for attracting visitors and target them specifically. When the visitors come to your site they find different infographics spread over different pages and this gives them the impression that there is much information on your website. Facebook and twitter are two of the most effective platforms to spread the word about your business. On Facebook, you can invite your friends to join your page and on twitter you can use the hash tag #infographics to attract people to come to your website.

Now that we are aware of the importance of infographic submission, let us see how you can create your own websites with infographics. If you have already created your own websites, then all you need to do is to upload it to sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr. Next step would be to get others to submit your content on their websites or blog. You can do this by reaching out to other websites through social media.

For this you will need to buy a domain. In case if you cannot afford to buy a domain then you can always work with the website owner to submit your content for free. Once the content is posted on the website or blog then the owner of the domain will allow you to list the domain in his list of available domains. The website submission works only if there is no keyword rich content. This means that the content should not have too many tags or keywords. This will help in getting better results from the directories.

Once your website has been listed on the domain, you can use new tools like SEO Elite, Hoot Suite 3 and the likes to promote your infographic submission. It is important to remember that while participating on social media sites, you should always make sure that the information graphics are clear and interesting. If the user is not able to understand what is being displayed, he/she will not be interested to click on it.

Another aspect of an attractive infographic submission is to make sure that there are links in the body of the graphic. Links should be placed at the top left corner, so that when the user clicks on these links, the user will be directed to the home page of the domain. Also, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ should be included in the domain so that people will be informed about the information graphics on the site. In this way, your infographic submission will get better results. Thus, if you want to create interesting and informative infographics, then you should consider these tips.



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